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Documents and Lessons

Welcome to SHARE A DOCUMENT page! 


To share a Lessons Learned related document, please click on "Add Document" at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. Contributions should be preferably in PDF searchable format, i.e. optical character recognition (OCR) format.

The process that is followed for sharing documents is presented below. The user submitting a document for sharing will be notified by e-mail on the status of the contribution. The user is encouraged to read the paragraph 1 (Security) of the Validation process done by NLLP Managers that is presented right below the diagram.

The NLLP Managers will do the Validation that consists of several actions:

  1. Security: in case an user submitting a document for sharing to NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) is neither its Originator nor its Custodian, then the Originator/Custodian should be contacted by the user to grant his permission for further dissemination/publication of that document into the NLLP. That written permission is to be provided to NLLP Managers (e.g. email), so the document can be published on NLLP Library.
  2. Content: metadata (required; optional), marked security classification, relevance, duplication.
  3. Technical: type of the document (pdf/word format, photography, video/audio file, etc.).


If the contribution doesn't meet the criteria for publishing, it will be archived.

If support is needed, please contact the NATO Lessons Learned Portal Managers.

You can also access the Help section that contains additional information/help addressing specific situations and supporting documentation explaining how to interact with the NLLP.

Through contributions, the originator/custodian agrees to share the information with all users who have been granted access to NLLP. The originator/custodian continues to be the owner of the information and any update or follow-up to it has to be sent to the NLLP Managers.


In order to Submit a document, you have to Login.


If you have no access, please contact your system Administrator, or request a new login at Register page