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Save the Date for the NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2024

​This year, the JALLC will host the NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC24) on behalf of SACT from 16-17 April. The theme of this year's conference is: NATO Lessons Learned Capability Development in support of NATO 2030 efforts, and will be held live in Lisbon. This year's edition will include individual and panel presentations, as well as discussions in plenary sessions (up to the NATO Unclassified level) that will address different aspects of the theme, such as: NATO LL Capability development for enhancing LL coordination and sharing among Allied Nations; accelerating digital transformation; and how the NATO LL Capability and its development can support and inform NATO 2030 efforts, all with the aim of highlighting findings for improving the overall NATO LL Capability.  In addition to the specific presentations and discussions, the NLLC24 is designed to offer presenters and participants opportunities to reflect on shared experiences in the LL field and update the LL community on the latest LL activities. Speakers will include NATO senior leadership as well as external experts invited to share their experiences and expertise with the NLL24 participants.

The NLLC24 will also a pre-conference day (15 April) and a post-conference day (18 April) that will be dedicated to specific topics and communities of interest, offering an opportunity for more in-depth and detailed discussions at different levels in order to progress the development of Lessons Learned in NATO.

To get an idea of what the NATO Lessons Learned Conference has to offer, in terms of the panels, discussions, and activities, you can download a copy of the Magazine (see below) covering the last edition of the conference.

The agenda for the NLLC24 is available in the calling letter for the event along with details for registration and what to expect from the event. Follow the JALLC on social media to find out the latest about this event which will also be posted on our news page on this website. 

​During this event, representatives from NATO Allies, Partners, academia, and industry will discuss how the NATO LL Capability can support NATO efforts to enhance LL sharing among Allies and accelerate the digital transformation of Lessons Learned in NATO in the context of the NATO 2030 Agenda. The framework for these discussions will be set in a series of presentations and panel discussions around the theme: "NATO LL Capability Development in support of NATO 2030 efforts."

As always, the NATO Lessons Learned Conference is intended to foster open discussions among the Lessons Learned community and provide opportunities for sharing and learning from each other’s experiences and expertise in order to encourage the continuous transformation of the Alliance. We invite the entire Lessons Learned Community to attend and contribute to the many discussions during this iteration of the NATO Lessons Learned Conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to the NLLC24!