Lessons Learned Portal
Submit Observation

​​​​​All NLLP users are able to submit observations on behalf of NATO or National entities. The Lessons Learned Tracking Process starts when a user submits an observation in the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP).

In order to have the quality assurance of the information available on the NLLP, several rules need to be respected:

The envisaged lesson must be applicable to others in the future. If the event was unique because it is related to a specific time, organization and/or situation, and is unlikely to occur in future, the input is unsuitable to be staffed and tracked.

The envisaged lesson must be of value to the user and not be too obvious. An obvious lesson is something the reader already knows or understands by using his own common sense or one where the subject is already discussed in doctrine, publications, etc.

The observation submitted has to be objective, documented, based on facts triggering an analysis effort, research, closer investigation or thorough staffing. It should not reflect a subjective opinion based on a quick observation.

A person reading the observation submitted must understand it without knowing much about the context or the historical background and without being in the same Headquarters. Acronyms and abbreviations should be fully expanded when used for the first type for each entry.

Short and concise
Ideally an observation is only one page, but it should, in general, not exceed 1½ pages. The appropriate use of attachments may reduce the requirement for large amounts of explanatory text.

The details about submitting an Observations are available at the NLLP User Manual,​ section 4.2 (available at the Main Menu). Support video to learn how to submit an Observation​ available here.