Lessons Learned Portal
Terms and Conditions


The NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) is the tool to facilitate the Lessons Learned process.​   

By accessing the NLLP, the users agree with the following Terms and Conditions:

  • The originators of the documents are responsible for assigning the right classification and, when appropriate, make the documents releasable. 
  • The originators/contributors are responsible to inform the NLLP Managers by email if there is a limitation in sharing the submitted document into the NLLP on NS WAN. 
  • By sending contributions, the originators agree to share the information with all users who have granted access in accordance with the policy in place. 
  • The originator continues to be the owner of the information and any update or follow-up should be sent to the NLLP Managers. 
  • Copyrights are applicable. 
  • The users can handle the information from the NLLP in fully accordance with the NATO Security Policy: "NATO UNCLASSIFIED" ("Releasable to ....", if applicable) information shall only be used for official purposes and only individuals, bodies or organisations that require it for official NATO purposes may have access to it (Annex 1, C-M(2002)60 – The management of Non-Classified NATO Information, para 2). 
  • The users update their details in the NLLP, "My Account" (Grade; Service; Branch; Post; Telephone; NCN).