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Documents and Lessons
2nd MP LL Conference
2nd Military Police Lessons Learned Conference


It is the second time the NATO MP COE has organized and hosted the Military Police Lessons Learned Conference (MPLLC) which was held on 07 - 09 December 2015. This year’s topic concerned “Road to the Future MP Capabilities development through experience from recent deployments” which constitutes one of core drivers to significantly contribute to the adherence to the NATO Strategic Concept.

As such, NATO (including MP-related force) has been continuously involved in transformation in order to ensure, amongst others, that its capabilities are and will be sufficient to deal with current and future security challenges.

The MPLLC was opened by the NATO MP COE Deputy Director, LTC Thorsten STOLL who welcomed all participants and put emphasis on the significance of all contributions given during the event.

The Conference brought together 26 representatives of NATO and PfP Nations (BGR, CZE, DEU, ESP, FRA, HRV, IRL, ITA, NLD, POL, SVK) as well as NATO/EU entities such as HQ EUROCORPS, JFC HQ Brunssum Provost Marshal (PM), NRDC – Spain, NRDC – Greece, MNMPBAT, 1st German/Netherlands Corps PM, MN JHQ ULM PM,  NATO SP COE , NATO MP COE and EUROGENDFOR. Its prime aim was to challenge an attempt to shape future MP capabilities by referring to LI/LL garnered during deployments within all types of missions and multinational exercises in the context of potential upcoming NATO-led operations.

Before the vast array of presentations and fruitful discussions started, the NATO MP COE LL branch personnel had acquainted the attendees with the ongoing and short-term expected offer regarding E&T and LL pillars.

The principle LL-referred deliverables, with reflection to the assumed objectives, resulted in drawing meticulous attention to the following:

- Recently identified lessons with regard to the generation of MP force for the NFR,
and VJTF Bde;

- EX Trident Juncture 15’ experience emphasized the relevance of MP supported by PM when performing in joint combined operations in-theatre;

- Visibility issues of PM as well as MP capabilities in basic NATO documents were highlighted;

- MP contribution is of utmost importance within exercise preparation;

- MNMPBAT exercise-based experience to be of high avail for MP units as part of the new NRF concept;

- Certification of MP assets in new operational environment;

- Universal best practices gained within various types of missions for the sake of emerging security challenges to be utilized by MP force;

- The supportive role of the NATO MP COE resources, designed particularly for the MP LL system (MP LL Capability Team, MP LL Portal) in dimension of comprehensive practical employment, was discerned.

In summation of the Meeting, LTC Stoll expressed his gratitude for active and professional commitment that is of high value for the whole MP Community of Interest.