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Lessons Learned OPR Online Course

Lessons Learned OPR Online Course

Training of Lessons Learned Staff Officers (LLSOs) and Lessons Learned Officers of Primary Responsibility (LLOPRs) is an extremely important aspect of NATO’s Lessons Learned Capability. However, in March 2014, following several LLOPR training events, it was noted that availability and suitability of NATO’s LL training in place was not adequate to meet the needs for LLOPRs. Therefore a team from the JALLC, supported by and in close coordination with ACT/Joint Force Trainer, has developed a Course online for LLOPRs. The course benefits to nations and HQs by offering accessible and free LL training for LLOPRs and after 6 months of online presence over 250 members joined the course. The positive feedback received from course participants will be used during the first revision of the course in order to improve its content. The course is available on Joint advanced Distribution Learning (JADL) platform ( at Courses – NATO Courses – Allied Command Transformation (ACT) - JALLC with ID: ADL 138. Please find more details here.