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MP Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course
MP Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course

On 18 – 22 April 2016, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) held a pilot Military Police Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course  (MPLLSOC). During the course, a comprehensive method of blended learning was implemented: stationary module supported by e – learning session. Prior to this event, the NATO Community of Interest (COI) had never possessed an exclusively MP-oriented LL course. Participants not only learned the NATO LL Process but also had a possibility to review their new skills by practicing during syndicate work.  Along the course, evaluators from the NATO MP COE collected feedback and observations from all participants to be further developed. 

The event started with an e – Learning course on Introduction to the NATO LL Process for the MP staff. Students were able to gain knowledge concerning the NATO LL process – a procedure that incorporates the structure, process and tools necessary to capture, analyze and take remedial action on any issue and to communicate and share results to achieve improvement. This online course was prepared, established and developed entirely by the NATO MP COE ADL team and LL Branch Subject Matter Experts who provided the content. It was the first time that e – Learning became a part of a course curriculum as a prerequisite. Moreover, a modern method of BYOD (Bring Your Own Tool) was launched and supported this part of the event. Since 24 April 2016, Introduction to the NATO LL Process for the MP staff has also been available on JADL - NATO e-Learning Programme Learning Management System (in order to take the course, click here

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Following this popular quote of Otto von Bismarck, Rasa PAZARAUSKIENE, the facilitator from the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE), delivered a lecture on Analyze observations, and explained details of the NATO ODCR format (Observation, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendation).

One of the key elements of the course was work in syndicates, when all participants had a possibility to check their new skills in practice. “The most interesting part of the course was definitely an effective usage and implementation of analytical procedure during group work. Despite Ireland is not part of NATO, we use NATO doctrine and procedures for our own LL system” said CPT MURRAY from Ireland. Subgroup evaluations were supervised by experienced facilitators who provided support and gave advice on more difficult issues. Subsequently, the results of those deliberations were presented during plenary sessions and discussions.

Although the target audience of the course was the MP community, the NATO LL Process was recognized useful also by other participants. According to LTC Mariusz ZACHARZEWSKI from the Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces: “The most important lesson that I have learned during the course was the process of group analysis which I am going to use while fulfilling my every day duties”. Moreover, tools available online for LL were introduced to all participants, such as NATO MP LL Portal (please click here and NATO LL Portal. “We all became part of LL community” commented LTC M. ZACHARZEWSKI.

Evaluators from the NATO MP COE used NATO LL process in order to further develop the course. The feedback, given on a regular basis, by all 12 participants from NATO and non-NATO countries, was analyzed daily and some of the observations, as well as Lessons Identified became Lessons Learned the next day, the rest will be implemented in the second edition of the course next year.