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Penta-J Meeting
Penta-J Meeting

Hosted by JALLC, the Penta-J Meeting took place on 13 February 2015. This designation was used officially for the first time, counting with the presence of the SACT DCOS JFT, Vice Admiral Javier Gonzalez-Huix, Commander JALLC, Brigadier-General Mircea Mîndrescu, Commander JWC, Major General Reinhard Wolski, Commander JFTC, Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski, and SHAPE ACOS J7, Brigadier-General Stefan Kaleta. The SACT ACOS JETE, Brigadier General Dzintars Roga, as well as the Chief Of Staff JWC, Brigadier General Roger Watkins, were also participating in this important meeting.

The chairman of this meeting was the SACT DCOS JFT. The purpose of this event was to coordinate Penta-J activities of mutual interest and discuss recent events of global importance, and NATO response to them. After some introductory words given by Vice Admiral Gonzalez-Huix, Commander JALLC welcomed all the participants, encouraging the free spirit of the discussions. Then, one by one, the other three Delegation Heads also stressed their expectations to the meeting.  All delegations briefed on the current activities, the respective Programme Of Work, the future engagement and the out comings of the recent Wales Summit and their implications to each J-Command responsibilities.

The bi-annual meeting is an important event in the Penta-J calendar enabling HQ SACT DCOS JFT, the Commanders JALLC, JWC and JFTC, SHAPE ACOS J7 and senior staffs to discuss key issues face-to-face, to share vital information and knowledge through a series of briefings and discussions, and to enable the staffs to work more closely together to harmonize key activities and wherever possible, align outputs.

Almost at the end, Major-General Reinhard Wolski offered to welcome the next Penta-j Meeting at JWC, in Stanvanger, September next. The meeting ended with some last words from the chairman, Vice Admiral Javier Gonzalez-Huix, who stressed the importance and the success of this meeting in Lisbon.