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Documents and Lessons

New threats and opportunities may impact the NATO Lessons Learned Process and have already generated challenges in the areas such as:
 Data collection  Data analysis and visualization  Information tracking and tasking workflows
 Data management and accessibility  Reporting and Information sharing
All these current and foreseen challenges have resulted in the NATO/ACT/JALLC looking for (innovative) solutions based on new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Polyglot tools, etc) that may support the improvement of NATO Lesson Learned Process.

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Event Documents
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The New Technologies Event 2018 featured presentations and demonstrations of selected solutions proposed by industry and academia and which have the potential to support the improvement of the NATO Lessons Learned Process these solutions have been proposed based on a Request for Information published by HQ SACT.

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Request for Information

Call for Industry and Academia

Selected presentations and demonstrations included:

The New Technologies Event 2018 offered a great opportunity for industry and academia to engage with NATO and national representatives and to share their experience and knowledge within a framework of a community of interest focused on the development of innovative solutions in support of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability.
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Lessons Learned Capability

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